Art. Color. Pop. Contrast. I recently created an “Inspire Board”. A chunk of my tiffany blue wall dedicated to randomness. Printer pictures, a mirror, and some even had water stains. The printer color had spread across the picture of a horse like an ocean wave. A track and field medal, a touching black and white picture of a horse and a Native American, a rhinoceros, and even Apple earbuds.
They’re all stuck up there with tack. I needed some way to make myself think outside the box, find some inspiration. An oasis away from the dreaded boredom of summer. Some meaning behind a water stained rhinoceros.
Aren’t we all searching for the same thing underneath? Some meaning behind the randomness of life? A purpose in our crazy and messed up lives? Sometimes I just sit back and wonder. What am I doing? And I really think. What matters? Making money? Getting good grades? Having a steady job?
Then I realized that people matter. They are the meaning behind the randomness of a water stained rhinoceros. And love matters. And kindess. And hope. What is life without love? A sea of hate and jealousy. We are made with love in our souls and hope for better engraved in our bones. We were made with love. It really drives our motives, and can transform our lives.
In middle school, I remember going to an “end of the year field trip” to a skating rink in 7th grade. We stopped at McDonald’s to chow down on some greasy hamburgers. I had brought $10 my parents had given me. I had only spent $5 there. I stopped laughing and joking with my friends and looked up. I saw a kid in my grade shunned. By the teachers, everyone. Sitting all by himself, head on the table. His family didn’t have much money, everyone knew. But no one cared. I desperately wanted to give him my $5 to eat some lunch like everyone else, but I was too scared about what everyone else thought.
Whenever I think about that experience, I instantly feel guilty. I could’ve made his day. Made him not feel like about loser for one day. He wasn’t a loser. But we made him one. I made him one. Love is never just a word. Love is living. Love is here. Love will be with us forever, if only you can accept that it’s there.


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