What Makes Me A Christian? (And no, it’s not the same repeated message you’ve heard before)

Is it the dutiful way I go to church on Sunday?

How I might seem “homophobic?”

How about the conservative views I seem to have?

Or maybe it’s the stereotype that all Christians want to preach at you?

For me, it’s none of those things.

The very thing that makes me a Christian is someone who frankly despises the stereotypes I listed above.

It’s God’s grace. His son, who died for me and you. I’m not going to preach at you. I want to adress an issue no has brought up yet.While the world focuses on climate change, gender (maybe no genders at all) equality, and politics, they forget about the people.

You know, what this world’s all about.


We only see boundaries. Stereotypes. Separations. Popular kids. Losers. Labels. The ones who don’t belong. We’ve all heard those words. It’s about time for humanity to find a solution.

It’s not in the simple saying “We’re all people!”, or fear and desire for power.

It’s truly love. Not romantic love. Nor any other love you’ve been thinking about. 

Just check out 1 John 4:8 for me. It’s right here:

After you’ve looked at that verse, I’d just like to say that whoever you are, wherever you’ve come from, no matter the past, you are loved. Loved.

Which is why I adamantly condemn Christians who are exclusive and judgemental. It frankly makes me want to explode.

Christianity is not a special club where all the cool or “goody-goody” kids hang out. It’s a growing community, meant for anyone who willingly wants to be apart of. 

I can’t change your mind. But you can. 

You. I love that. That no matter what, we will always have the power in our hands. Guys, that’s the truth. You have the ability to choose. I believe God gave that to us, but maybe you don’t believe that, but that’s okay. You’ll just have to make that decision for yourself. 

I love the people around me, whom I observe daily, on walks, grocery stores, random places, and spontaneous visits. I love their personalities, ability to endure and survive, and the both wonderful and devastating human spirit.

I’m just here for you. The people. Whom I love and deeply enjoy. I don’t want to preach at you, or get angry. Simply talk. Not as a weird stereotype, just as another human being, who goes through much of the same mental stress as you do. 🙂 


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