This week will be a bit different than past weeks, since today I’ll be incorporating a new genre of literature, poetry, in response to today’s daily prompt “Orange.” 

Now let me give you a little background information on how my poem ties into the prompt. My little horse is a chesnut, a color similar to orange, but with a rich, rusty red shade that ties it all in for a lovely combination. This is a poem I wrote quite some time ago in my journal that I believe captures the very essence of the horse.

I love my horse

His tangled mane, the sound of hoof beats on the gritty back roads 

His lovely ear, delicate hooves, and powerful strides

I have a great, big, wide-eyed wonder

A horse, a horse awakening in the crisp twilight 

Yes, I awoke in the twilight with the clouds forming over the yellowing hills

The wind whistling through half- grown stalks of corn…

The quail scattering beneath the mighty strides

The earth below becoming a blur

The milo stalks cracking under galloping feet

The rush of wind stinging my face 

And the gift of a horse 

I love it so much it scares me sometimes

I can relive it all 

Pricked ears

Wide eyes

Jingle of the bridle 

Creak of the saddle 

Sounds of pattering hoof beats in the crisp, twilight air 


And the earth cries harmony 

Many a time I have been scolded for focusing too much on horses, and I know it’s definitely not something you want to get trapped into. Horses are beautiful animals, but they are not a god to be worshipped. Sometimes, I fall into that trap and this poem is not a representation of that.  

But this is what I feel when I ride, and I wanted to share it. Hope you enjoyed something new! 

( A special thanks goes out to Google and for the picture)

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